Delivering architecturally designed, sustainable, industry leading modular buildings across Australia.

The prefabricated model of construction is an increasingly important part of Australia’s housing mix. Having successfully developed the most appropriate designs and sustainable construction techniques, Prebuilt is set to make a valuable contribution to this country’s housing future.

An Australian-owned business and member of PrefabAus and the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Prebuilt has more than 20,000 square metres of factory and hardstand space in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, approximately 35 minutes from the CBD, available for the construction of its buildings.

Guiding Principles
At Prebuilt we empower our people, enhance our processes and effectively utilize our plant to create premium, architecturally designed, environmentally sustainable commercial and residential prefabricated modular buildings that exceed expectations. 


Prebuilt is committed to behaving with honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on treating our people, clients, suppliers, subcontractors with respect and integrity. We respect the environment and community we live in. We value and encourage diversity and are committed to providing a fair, safe and equal work environment where differing views and critical thinking is welcomed.


At Prebuilt, we value excellence in everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business functions at the highest level of quality. This influences our investment in product development, our approach to customer service and our manufacturing processes. We are driven to improve our business practices and ensure our buildings are of a consistently high standard and systems are continually assessed and improved where necessary.


We value innovation and encourage all members of the Prebuilt team to contribute to the continual improvement of our business. Our dedication to innovation has seen us evolve since 2003 from a start-up business building patented fold up housing to complex high end modular residential and commercial designed solutions.


We value our planet and its limited resources and are continually working to ensure we are providing an environmentally positive solution to new housing and commercial buildings. We have installed solar panels at our factory so that all our buildings can be produced using clean energy.

In 2001, the founders of Prebuilt identified the need for well-designed, high-quality modular buildings that were a million miles from the archetypal boxes coming off production lines at the time.

With a background in development, construction and asset management, combined with a passion for quality architecture, owners Rob and Christiana Colquhoun established Prebuilt to deliver innovative design in the modular homes manufacturers market.

Since commencing operations in 2002, Prebuilt has constructed more than 300 houses with a wide range of budgets from $100,000 to $2,500,000. From 2005, the company expanded to include Prebuilt Commercial (formerly Precom), which develops and constructs projects on a larger scale.

Managing director Rob Colquhoun’s wealth of local and international experience includes senior management experience in construction and management roles with Bovis Lend Lease.

To maintain high standards of design and construction, Prebuilt has gathered together a team with many years’ experience in residential and commercial construction.

Rob Colquhoun – Managing Director

Managing Director Rob Colquhoun’s has a wealth of local and international experience includes senior management experience in construction and management roles with Bovis Lend Lease.

Christiana Colquhoun – General Manager

General Manager Christiana Colquhoun has a background in Commerce and Commercial Asset management. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Builders Licence and is a graduate member of the Australian  Institute of Company Directors.


At Prebuilt we believe that the health and wellbeing of our people and the public is of upmost value. Everyone who works with us has an important role to play, as a company we strive to ensure that our work is completed safely and without risk to ourselves and those we work with.

It is our policy to

  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety,
  • Regularly review and evaluate our process,
  • Ensure that safety is an integral part of every position,
  • Build our projects safer and without risk,
  • Undertake regular inspections to improve our compliance,
  • Investigate all incidents and prevent re-occurrences,
  • Lead our team to design projects with safety in mind,
  • Trust and work in total collaboration with our partners

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