Prefabricated Retail Buildings


Prefabricated Retail Buildings


Prefabricated Retail Buildings


Fast Tracked Modular Solutions for Australian Retailers

Prebuilt is proud to be a leader in providing prefabricated retail and restaurant facilities that bring significant cost savings and reduced construction time to Australian businesses. Prebuilt is the name behind rollouts of well-known restaurants, cafes and retail stores across Australia, with facilities built using modular construction to appear identical to an existing store.

From pop up stores to permanent retail stores, Prebuilt offers a prefabricated solution for a range of commercial modular buildings. Our team ensures a process that is designed with architectural integrity, led with innovation & seamless collaboration.

Our trusted team works closely with other consultants from architects, retail designers and surveyors to deliver turn key solutions with impeccable project management from start to finish.

Crafted In Our Factory

Our factory environment allows multiple stores to be built simultaneously to minimise construction time and onsite work. Repetition based floor plans also deliver cost savings with the rollout of numerous retail stores.

Our buildings are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigours of the retail environment. We’re confident that our buildings will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why You Should Consider A Modular Building For Your Retail Store?

Reduced Construction Time

Modular commercial buildings for retail spaces offer an innovative approach to significantly reducing project production time. Prefabricated buildings are mostly built in our Kilsyth factory by our expert team in approximately 12 – 16 weeks, providing no hold ups with onsite works.

Given the controlled environment, this leads to fewer weather-related delays and a higher overall quality of construction. Generally they are completely assembled relatively fast on-site, so you can get your business up and running in no time.

Project Cost Savings

When it comes to business, keeping a budget within scope is all part of essential project costing. Modular retail stores are an effective way to avoid the high costs associated with traditional construction methods. Meaning you can get a high-quality retail space at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Built

Prebuilt work closely with architect partners to ensure any requirements and design requirements are what is envisioned. Modular retail stores offer the ultimate flexibility when it comes to design, being able to meet your specific needs and can be easily expanded or reconfigured as your business grows. Prebuilt have experience in designing all different types of prefabricated buildings that cohesively match a brand’s identity and existing retail spaces

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I’m interested in exploring using a modular building, where do I start?

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your next project. We can talk you through options and show you other projects we have delivered across the retail and restaurant space.

Can Prebuilt offer custom design modular buildings for our retail store requirements?

Absolutely, we can work with your preferred architect to create a custom design for your store or we can help you assign an architect to work with. Each retail store should have a unique custom design that best suits the layout needs and aesthetic of the brand.

Does Prebuilt offer permanent or temporary modular retail buildings?

Prebuilt can create permanent or temporary buildings for retail businesses. For permanent buildings there will be slight adjustments to the structure and materials for longevity.