Better design
from the beginning.

Better design
from the beginning.

Better design
from the beginning.

Prebuilt designs, constructs and installs innovative, high-quality modular buildings for a wide range of commercial uses.

Our commercial solutions are design-led, value-driven, and eco-friendly – delivered through a transparent, proven, and hassle-free process. Building on extensive experience in commercial construction and a passion for industry-leading design, Prebuilt delivers a superior experience for clients in a wide range of industries, including health, retail, education and transport, as well as display suites.

Within our expansive production facilities in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, our team produces architecturally designed commercial buildings with innovative design, efficiency, and sustainability in mind.

The benefits of working with Prebuilt on commercial projects


ISO9001 Quality Certified

The implementation of company policies, procedures and continuous feedback to ensure consistent systems of work are delivered to the highest level of finish, is one of our highest focal points. Our Quality policy articulates our approach to maintaining and improving stakeholder expectations. We are ISO9001 certified for Quality.

ISO14001 Environment Certified

The value of protecting and minimising the impact on the flora and fauna of our natural environment is a highly recognised responsibility in our organisation. Our Environmental policy articulates our approach to complying with legislative requirements and exceeding consideration within our industry. We are ISO14001 certified for Environment.

ISO45001 OH&S Certified

The health and safety of employees, clients, contractors and suppliers is our highest priority. Our Occupational Health and Safety policy articulates our approach to hazard reporting, incident and injury management, emergency management and safety inspections. We are ISO45001 certified for Occupational Health & Safety.

Short timeframes

Prebuilt commercial construction jobs are significantly faster than an in-situ commercial construction build. Our prefab construction methods allow concurrent works to occur in the factory and onsite, with a factory construction period of approximately 12 – 16 weeks and onsite installation in just two to six weeks.

Quality control

Quality control begins at the documentation stage and continues on the factory floor until your project is completed onsite. Every stage is inspected to ensure what is built is as per the design under an integrated management system.

Architectural design

A well-considered design is critical to a successful outcome. We work with architects to ensure the building’s design integrity is maintained while also maximising the benefits of prefabricated construction.

Sustainable thinking

Our approach minimises environmental impacts and reduces running costs. Our structures don’t rely on traditional building materials, such as concrete and brick. We effectively manage our materials and supply chain – environmentally sustainable wherever possible – by undertaking bulk procurement and recycling any wastage to approved recyclers.

Sustainable building

We run your build as a manufacturing process, so from the front end design, using BIM modelling, we are able to order the exact amount of material required, which reduces waste. Our 40,000sqm facility provides an efficient work environment for all our trades. In addition, our factory utilises 100kWh PV panels, which supplies virtually all the power for the factory and head office.

A trusted team

We work closely and collaboratively with your architect and a wide range of consultants, including retail designers, DDA, hydraulics, electrical, lighting and building surveyors, to ensure all elements are considered and included in the early planning stages of a building’s design.

Innovative design

We’re passionate about solving the most complex commercial building problems using prefab solutions. Our dedicated team of project managers and designers works with the client and design team at every level to ensure the best possible outcome.

Compliance & documentation

We maintain transparent relationships with all relevant authorities to ensure our documentation adheres to current Australian Building Codes. We are experienced in all forms of documentation for architecture, interior design and structural design.

Stakeholder management

There are a variety of stakeholders involved in the construction of a building, including the client, architect, engineers and builder. We understand the role of each stakeholder and work to deliver clarity throughout the process.

Project management

We have the capacity and the experience to manage your entire project, both in our factory and onsite. Each project is allocated a Project Manager and Coordinator to ensure your building is safely delivered on time and on budget, with quality assurance checks at each stage.

Large-scale capacity

At our facility based in the Melbourne suburb of Kilsyth, we have more than 40,000 square metres of manufacturing capability and a team of up to 150 construction workers. This means reduced timeframes, costs and wastage –  with dedicated and skilled  tradespeople working constantly across a variety of commercial jobs.

Engineering expertise

Our in-house structural documentation and engineering team work with external engineering consultants and architects to deliver design-led, structurally efficient buildings in even the most challenging of projects.

We partner with leading Australian architects to design and deliver innovative commercial projects.

Prebuilt delivers commercial projects of considered quality through modular and prefabricated building. We collaborate with our clients, our architect partners and our expert team to create places which make a positive difference.

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