Forward thinking.
Beautiful building.

Forward thinking.
Beautiful building.

Our residential projects consistently deliver upon the vision of our clients, and deliver exceptional value at the same time.

At Prebuilt, we believe in the value of great design. When it’s time to build your dream home, choose one of our four pre-designed homes from our architectural partner practice, Pleysier Perkins, or talk to us about creating a bespoke custom home to suit your site.

We recognise that every project is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs so we can make sure your new home delivers on your vision.

Architectural design

Each homeowner’s requirements are unique. Prebuilt recognises this, which is why we offer the choice of either a pre-designed or custom home. All are architecturally designed with construction supervised by Pleysier Perkins. Each of Prebuilt’s prefab homes begins with concept design, during which floor plans and a 3D computer model is created.

Sustainably built

Our approach minimises environmental impact. Because your home is built in our controlled facility, your land remains untouched during construction. Any waste generated during the factory build process is separated and thoughtfully recycled with specialist recycling providers

Sustainable living

Our design process allows you to reduce your impact and your running costs, with options including solar for hot water and power, water saving plumbing fittings and the use of plantation/ recycled timbers. We’ll talk to you about how windows, insulation and shading options can help to control temperature naturally.

Attention to detail

Each of Prebuilt’s prefab homes begins with concept design, during which floor plans and state-of-the-art 3D BIM models are created. This provides invaluable insight into the building’s design and allows complicated elements to be fully resolved prior to manufacture. Importantly, this detailed model provides our cost estimating team with detailed insight into the building design for an accurate price estimate.

Short timeframes

An average house takes 12 – 18 months or more to build onsite. A Prebuilt home, however, will be built, transported and installed on your land in around 12 – 14 weeks, whether you choose one of our pre-designed or custom homes.

Controlled environment

Construction is completed at our Melbourne facility, where we provide a controlled environment for trades to work simultaneously across projects. The result is you have the key to your new home sooner.

Quality assured

All homes are carefully supervised by Prebuilt’s experienced and passionate team members following our quality systems. This includes the involvement of our partner architects, Pleysier Perkins, throughout the design and build stage, with weekly house inspections to ensure both design details and overall quality are achieved to the highest level.

Custom designed homes

We believe that just as each site is unique, each home should reflect the personality and needs of every client. That’s why we offer flexibility to work with our architectural partners or your chosen architect to create a custom solution to suit.

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Pre-designed homes

Our pre-designed homes simplify the home building process. Our architectural partners have curated a range of homes to suit various locations and lifestyles, with plenty of options to add personal touches through colours, finishes and more.

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In progress

For inspiration for your project, take a look at some recent custom house designs created by our residential architects Pleysier Perkins.

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Unfortunately we cannot accept custom residential projects from outside of Victoria at this time.
We do not undertake extensions or renovations.

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