Much like every building site, each new homeowners’ requirements are a unique proposition. Prebuilt recognises this, offering its clients the choice of either a pre-designed or custom home. All are architecturally designed and their construction supervised by Pleysier Perkins architects.

Each of Prebuilt’s Australian prefab homes begins with concept design, during which floor plans and 3D computer modelling are created. These allow a fixed price to be established before construction even begins.

With more than 11 years experience in design- led prefab construction, Prebuilt has developed its own technology and systems that enable the most efficient and innovative construction of our architecturally designed houses.

As an architect by trade, I researched the prefabricated concept of a home and found that the best on offer in Australia was Prebuilt. The great advantage was participating in the design of a new concept, while respecting the principles of Prebuilt’s construction method. Following the different stages of our house was also a very exciting part of the adventure. We are enjoying our Pod House and only think of where we will build the next one.

Pierre Hivert, Pod House installed in Grantville


To ensure the highest standards are maintained during your home’s design and construction phases, Prebuilt has developed a unique system of quality controls. Following the design process and during the documentation phase, Prebuilt engages architects Pleysier Perkins to independently review all drawings. While construction is taking place, the company also conducts weekly inspections.

Unlike traditional building methods, where a home’s floor base and frame are exposed to the elements for extended periods during construction, Prebuilt has more than 6,500 square metres of factory space. It is here – undercover and away from the weather – our clients’ homes are built.

Prebuilt has two factory foremen and two onsite foremen managing construction and installation of all our homes. A project manager/engineer is also appointed to oversee the creation of your home, ensuring inspections are carried out during each stage.

Today my house has been handed over and I must say that my expectations have been exceeded throughout the entire process of design, construction, delivery and fitting. The final result is a credit to your skills and dedication. I also recognise that to achieve such a fantastic result, careful and thoughtful attention to detail and extra effort is required – so, for all those “extras”, please accept my thanks and appreciation.

Bill Besly, Freedom House installed in Benalla

At Prebuilt we believe in using technology and design to minimise environmental impact and reduce a home’s running costs. Whatever size of house you’re looking to build, we spend time with you to analyse your site and ensure the windows, insulation and shading options help control temperature naturally.

Because your home is built in our factory, your land remains untouched during construction. Our footing system also means most sites, including those on a slope, do not require any excavation.

A green approach is adopted throughout all areas of construction, with Prebuilt utilising plantation and recycled timber and water-saving plumbing fittings. Other options available to our clients include low VOC-emitting paints and stains, solar hot water and solar power panels, grey-water recycling systems, reed beds and composting toilets.

We have a carbon-neutral home, where electricity is the only source of energy supplied through a 4kw solar system. We also have recycled water supplying the toilets and washing machine. Not only do we have a lovely new home that is warm in winter and cool in summer, we also have one that has very low operating costs, proving that highly sustainable homes are possible in the inner city.

Jon Barnett and Heidi Ellemor, Mod House installed in Brunswick

An average house usually takes 12 months or more to build. A Prebuilt home, however, will be built, transported and installed on your land in approximately 12-14 weeks, whether you choose one of our pre-designed or custom homes.

Since construction is completed undercover at one of our Melbourne factories, weather delays are never an issue. These are controlled environments, with tradesmen able to work simultaneously across houses, creating an efficient and streamlined process. All our homes are built quickly and to the highest standards, so you’ll have the key to your new front door sooner.

Prebuilt provided me with the perfect solution for building my beach house. It was totally hassle-free, on time to the day, on budget and quality controlled from the beginning to final possession. My house was built (including installation) in three months; this timing is unheard of in conventional building construction. This is definitely the way of the future for stress-free house building.

Alan Houghton, Freedom House installed in Portarlington

Prebuilt offers true value for money thanks to a fixed price that’s established upfront, with costs controlled and no nasty surprises on completion. What you are quoted when the project begins is the figure you’ll pay upon completion, with no cost blowouts and a dedicated project manager assigned to each home to keep the project’s budget on track.

Prebuilt homes provide significant savings due to an efficient design and construction process. Our partnership with architects Pleysier Perkins ensures significant savings on design and consultants’ fees and minimises time spent in meetings.

The end result is an architect-designed house that is less expensive and often of better quality than one that is traditionally built onsite.

Prebuilt was very responsive, from our initial information-gathering stage right through to after construction of our home. The attention to detail and refining of the finishing touches to our project has made us feel we have built a lasting relationship with the team. We are anticipating working with Prebuilt to add extensions to our home in years to come.

Christine Polowyj, Escape House installed in Lyonville

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