Daylesford House, Victoria

A custom designed Breeze style house.

This country prefab home is situated on a spectacular rural site in Victoria’s Central Highlands, built for a couple living on their own. The owners each wanted their own equally-sized master bedroom quarters, with the design using long offset bays to position these retreat areas.

The middle of the house became the open central zone, and includes the shared kitchen, living, study and library areas.

With the stunning surrounding landscapes, key views of the site are referenced in the house design. A full-height dormer window in the study looks out onto a stunning old gum tree, while views to the dam are framed by a big timber picture window in the living space. The deck wall also features a window cut-out for both seating and further views of the dam.

Old fencepost timbers are used as a framing device outside of the dormer windows, while corrugated steel acts as rural vernacular covering the exterior and roof in a striking dark grey hue. The house is further grounded to the site with stone retaining walls and landscaped embankments.

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