What to Look for When Buying A Block of Land to Build a Modular Home


Find that special spot for your Modular Home

Searching for the perfect block of land for a modular home comes with its challenges. Making the right decision is crucial when it comes to making your dream home a reality. In this guide, we’ll take you through a handful of considerations to walk through when seeking that special spot for your modular home.

It’s All About Location

Modular home or not, location plays a pivotal role to your overall lifestyle.  Consider proximity to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and public transport, especially if you are planning to frequent specific amenities. Additionally, think about the neighbourhood’s overall vibe, safety, and potential for future developments.


Block Size

Depending on the requirements in bedrooms, outdoor area and overall room sizes for your prefabricated modular home, you may need to more carefully take into consideration block size, particularly if it is more on the smaller side. While there are options to create a double story modular home, there may be other things to consider to living comfortably. Some blocks may have pre-existing trees that can’t be removed, or old septic tanks that restrict the use of land.

Site Accessibility

While a majority of the modular home build is prefabricated in our factory, each of these modules will still need to be transported to your site location. Ensure that your block has proper access for transportation of trucks and any other contractors that will be involved in your modular home assembly and fit out.

Our standard inclusions for transport include accessible and flat sites that only require a jack unload. There are other means of unloading, but will be an additional cost to your budget. Also don’t forget to check for availability of essential services like electricity, water, sewage and internet connectivity. If the block is more remote, you may have to consider additional budget to have a number of off the grid services or have a full off the grid modular home.

Block Sloping and Gradient

Got a block with a picturesque view? Sometimes the cost of having a view comes with a block with considerable sloping. While some slopes can be accommodated, extreme gradients may require additional costs for site preparation and levelling. Prebuilt has installed a number of custom modular homes using a range of footing systems. Each step in our design process ensures any slope is given lots of consideration, and there is a way to factor it in. Just be mindful that there will likely be additional costings for excavation and footing systems.

Natural Disaster Risks

When searching for land to build your modular home, it’s vital to research the area’s history of natural disasters like floods, bushfires, or landslides. If you’re considering building in bushfire-prone regions, additional factors come into play. Familiarise yourself with the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings, as Prebuilt’s homes are designed to meet a BAL rating of 19, with options for higher ratings. Engage an accredited bushfire consultant to obtain a comprehensive BAL report, analysing the Fire Danger Index, land slope, vegetation type, and proximity to other buildings. This report is crucial for your building permit application and enables you, together with Prebuilt and partner architects, to select suitable materials and construction methods tailored to your site’s BAL requirements.

Site Orientation

The orientation of the land affects factors like natural light, energy efficiency, and exposure to elements like rain, wind and sun. If you are planning to live off the grid modular home, passive solar design will need to be planned for. Selecting the right site orientation for your modular home is crucial as it enables you to harness the power of passive solar heating and cooling, ensuring year round comfort during both winter and summer. By strategically positioning your home on the block, you can maximise its ability to naturally regulate temperature, effectively reducing energy consumption and minimising your carbon footprint.

Overlays and Zoning

When selecting a block of land for your modular home, it’s essential to thoroughly investigate and consider any overlays or zoning regulations that may influence your building plans. These regulations are put in place by local councils and authorities to protect specific features of the land and its surroundings. Failing to account for these overlays could potentially lead to costly delays or even prevent you from building your dream modular home altogether.


Understand your Costs

Before making a full commitment, it’s important that you fully understand all the costs involved in purchasing a particular block of land and building your modular home. Factor in additional expenses such as stamp duty, permits, site preparation, transportation and utility connections. Prebuilt can help you manage this with fixed price project costing after your concept design is completed.

How Prebuilt Can Help

At Prebuilt, we understand the unique considerations involved in building modular homes. We provide comprehensive support throughout the process of selecting land and building your modular home. Our experienced team conducts thorough site inspections, offers valuable insights, and arranges essential soil reports to ensure a solid foundation. We take care of planning permit documentation, including energy reports, to ensure compliance with regulations. Our streamlined design and build process prioritises high quality and bespoke modular builds that match what you envision. With Prebuilt’s expertise and efficient project management, you can confidently pursue your modular home journey, knowing that all inspections, reports, and permits are expertly handled, resulting in a stunning, functional modular home that perfectly meets your needs for your lifestyle.

Building a modular home is an exciting venture, and choosing the right block of land is a crucial first step. From assessing the location’s amenities and accessibility to understanding the natural disaster risks and zoning regulations, each step ensures you enjoy your new home and construction process. At Prebuilt, we understand the intricacies of building modular homes, starting with the piece of land where your home will be placed and can support you through this journey. Contact our team today on +61 3 9761 5544 if you would like to to learn more on selecting the right block of land for your modular home

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