A Green Future For Prefab Homes


There’s growing popularity of innovation in prefabricated homes around the world. And though there are many reasons for this growth, sustainable design is one of the most important ones. Architects and builders are starting to realize the importance of using prefab modular construction as a way to build a more sustainable home. This had led to more time and energy being used on sourcing sustainable materials, natural energy options and a real push to minimize impact and waste on the environment.

There a number of benefits to utilising prefab modular construction for a more sustainable and greener design to minimise the impact on the environment

Renewable Energy Options

Prefab modular homes are a greener and more sustainable option for building homes. They can be made to be more energy-efficient than traditional homes.

They also allow for more flexibility in terms of the options for sustainable energy systems that can be installed in them such as solar panels, wind turbines and modular design for passive cooling and maximising energy efficiency throughout a home. Customising prefabricated homes makes it much easier and more affordable for homeowners to use renewable energy sources to power their homes.

Affordability & Project Turn Around

Investing in prefabricated homes also reduces the amount of cost as compared to site built construction. With time frame and labor being much faster, not only is it a more affordable build, but a time efficient build is delivered.

With a majority of construction being off site, labour costs are minimised with a luxurious and affordable home to go home to. Another great advantage is that the construction process is not affected by weather conditions, that might slow down traditional home builds.

Reducing Impact To Landscape


Prefab homes reduce the impact to the environment it’s built on. With a significant amount of the build being done off site and transported for assembly, waste products to the site are minimal any mitigate any long term impacts are minimised to the site.

Minimise Wastage


With modular builds being constructed in modules in a factory, waste is kept to a minimum . Additionally, many prefab homes are made from recycled and eco friendly materials, further reducing the amount of waste produced.

With a number of benefits of building a prefabricated modular home, minimising an environmental footprint is an important one that will continue to build popularity of committing to a sustainable home. At Prebuilt we are always challenging ourselves for sustainability in design and build of our prefab modular homes to support a greener future.