Sustainability Around the World


How are others across the globe using innovative thinking to reduce waste, recycle materials – and create timeless designs in the process?


We take a look across the globe at some innovative solutions from businesses to reduce waste, recycle materials and create timeless sustainable designs.


Een til Een is a Danish firm behind the world’s first “Biological House”. Designers developed a process that converts agricultural waste (including grass, straw and seaweed) into raw building materials, leaving virtually zero impact upon the environment. The project was supported by the Danish Ministry of the Environment Fund for Ecological Construction and was designed by advanced digital production technology, guided by sustainability at every stage.



Closer to home, Rammed Earth Constructions in Queensland has been specialising in rammed earth since 1989. The many advantages of building with rammed earth include superior thermal mass, temperature and noise control, strength and durability, low maintenance, fireproofing, load bearing and pest deterrence. It also delivers buildings with beauty, and the pleasure of building with natural and environmentally sound materials.

San Francisco

The city by the bay’s Fireclay’s Crush Tiles works with recycled materials including glass. Each tile is manufactured using sustainable principles and crafted by hand, without the use of lead. This makes Fireclay a pioneer for environmentalism in this space. Fireclay does not keep any stock of their tiles, which means that each and every order is made by hand. This helps in their effort to remain sustainable and avoid waste. Fireclay’s tiles and thin glazed bricks are heirloom in quality to stand the test of time.


IceStone in Brooklyn began in 2003 with a simple aim: to transform waste glass into something beautiful. Today they are one of several companies making stunning countertops out of recycled glass. The glass they use is all recycled, comprising about 70% of the countertops by weight. The pigments are all non-toxic and give surfaces bright and bold colours and soft and elegant neutral tones. IceStone also carries the PaperStone line, which is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and QuartzStone, which is mainly crafted using crushed waste stone.