Modular Homes: Everything You Need To Know


What is a Modular Home


Modular homes are largely similar to traditional homes, but the main difference is the way that the building is constructed. Modular homes are built off-site, in factory-like settings, with the house being built in multiple sections or ‘modules’. These modules are then transported to their final destination and installed with a crane or jack unload.

Once a modular home has been transported and assembled, they look like any other modern house build.

What are the benefits of a Modular Home?


Flexible design

Contrary to popular misconception, modular homes do not all look the same. In fact, modular homes can be custom designed to any style you like, there are very few design limitations when it comes to building a custom modular home. The use of steel frames means that modules can span large distances, providing greater design flexibility. You can also consider a variety of blocks of land for modular homes that traditional building may be less flexible in building on.


Prebuilt’s partner architects specialise in modular homes, and will work with you to bring your ideas to life.


Time efficient

Unlike traditional homes, modular homes are built off-site in a controlled facility and therefore are extremely efficient to build. As they are built undercover, modular homes aren’t subject to the same inclement weather which can cause disruptions and increase the amount of time required to complete your project.


Saves on cost

Modular homes have the potential to save you quite a bit of money. The reduction of delays from being constructed in a facility and having all building inspections done prior to the installation of the building means you won’t be racking up significant costs like with a traditional build. The building inspections are performed at the facility during each phase of construction by a third party inspector prior to the transportation of the home.

You know what you are going to get with a modular build. Working backwards to complete full design resolution and documentation before we start any works means our team know exactly what they are building and how much it will cost before construction commences.


Highly Durable

Modular structures are often falsely perceived as less durable than traditionally built houses. High quality modular structures with proper maintenance have been shown to last well over 60 years.

How are Modular Homes made?


Modular homes are typically built indoors in a facility, and are built using steel frames. The designs are largely flexible and can be configured to suit your needs, including angular or curved walls, pitched roofs, and large open spaces that are unencumbered by supporting columns.

Modular homes are built out in different sections, the size of these sections is dependent on which section of the building it is, and how it can be transported. Once the module has been finished it is transported to the building site and assembled using cranes. Once a modular home has been set on its foundations, it cannot be moved.

How much do modular homes cost?


The cost of a modular home, just like a traditional home can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the requirements of the client. However, modular homes usually require less time to build due to being built in a controlled facility, which can reduce the cost compared to traditional homes.

Prebuilt has a range of pre-designed modular homes for sale, with starting prices for 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home found here.

Modular Homes are environmentally friendly


With a more streamlined approach to building modular homes, builders use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Unlike on-site builds, modular home builders are able to ensure that there is proper handling and management of construction waste.

On top of that, it is easier for manufacturers to source eco-friendly and sustainable materials due to the adaptability of the design and build process. There’s also the opportunity to create an off-grid modular home, with all the luxuries of an on-grid lifestyle.

Are Modular Homes the same as Kit Homes?

Contrary to popular belief, modular homes and kit homes are completely different. While both utilise off-site building methods, they are priced, delivered, and built differently.

When comparing modular homes vs kit homes, we can note that a modular home will be built to near completion in the facility, and is then transported to the build site and fully installed by the builders on site. Once the home has been installed, it is ready for you to move into. Kit homes however, are manufactured off-site and delivered in parts to your site, the same as a modular home is, but it is then up to you on how you will construct your home. This can either be done by yourself as an owner-builder, or by hiring a registered builder to do it for you.

How long does it take to build a Modular Home?


Modular homes are still subject to much of the same processes as traditional homes, such as design and development and acquiring the necessary council permits; this process can take several months to complete. However, once the build has started it usually takes around 12-14 weeks to complete, and just a few days to install. You can expect the keys to be handed over to you just a few weeks after the installation.