Denfair 2016

On a cold evening in June we found some colour and warmth convening with Australia’s leading designers, huddling under the roof of Jeff’s Shed for the 2nd annual Denfair exhibition.

Assemblies of classic pairings; timber and leather, concrete and steel delivered with expert execution, complimented by precious metals and luxurious textiles providing the full gamut of textural intercourse.

Some of our favourite Australian designers were prominent including Jardan, Zuster, Tom Fereday, Coco Flip and Dessein.

We found our Prebuilt tenet’s echoed within Australian designer Adam Goodrum’s ‘Molloy Modular’ range, championing the integration of mass customisation with bespoke design and an uncompromised attention to detail. The pieces in the ‘Molloy Modular’ range are designed with a focus on the manufacturing process, as well as the accessibility, transport and assemblage of each article. These principles, concerning both resource management, function and material aesthetics, demonstrate their vital relevance at the furniture scale, just as they are relevant at the scale of the House/Home and the Megastructure. The strategies and successes of good design are more easily digestible at the furniture scale as it is more tactile and readily tangible with a direct affiliation to our own human scale. As designers and creators of the built environment, we can all learn a lot from the furniture scale.

On the whole, a very enjoyable intersection of materials and artefacts, showcasing fine craftsmanship and encouraging industry diversity.

To see more of what Denfair had on offer visit the website


Naomi Clarke

Denfair 2016

Photography by Naomi Clarke and Adam Goodrum

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