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What is the benefit of using modular construction in healthcare?

A fast tracked approach Minimal disturbance to residents/patients and healthcare operation due to the majority of work being undertaken off-site. While we are constructing your project in our factory, onsite works are taking place at the project site. We are able to transport and install our modules within 1-2 days typically and then complete final onsite works within weeks. Fixed costs & cost savings We do not start building until all of the design and documentation has been finalised. After which, we are able to accurately price your healthcare project before we start construction, ensuring your project falls within budget. Cost saving benefits can be achieved for healthcare projects with repetition based floorplans. This is ideal for patient rooms, accommodation facilities for patients or multiple treatment spaces with the same layout. Sustainability Modular construction is a sustainable way to build as it does not rely on traditional materials such as concrete or bricks. Prebuilt’s factory has a controlled recycling program, where plaster, tiles, steel and insulation are returned to approved recyclers.  Using BIM systems we are able to order exact quantities specific to each project, to reduce our wastage. Tailored design solutions We work closely with the client, architect and relevant consultants to ensure that all elements of the build are considered in the early planning stages of a healthcare facility's design. We work with DDA, hydraulic, electrical, lighting and building surveyors to reach the best outcome for your project and minimise changes down the track.

How long does a healthcare modular construction project typically take?

Modular construction is generally 40-50 per cent faster than traditional builds due to the majority of works taking place within a controlled factory environment. This also means building manufacture works can take place concurrently to site works, speeding the build timeline up even further. The construction phase is dependent on the size and scale of the project. On average the construction time of a healthcare facility can be achieved within months of completed IFC (issue for construction) documentation.  

What kind of projects in Healthcare has Prebuilt had exposure to?

Prebuilt has worked with various healthcare providers to deliver accommodation, dining, interview/ patient rooms, conference spaces, consultation rooms, waiting rooms, physiotherapy and medical treatment rooms and reception areas.  

I have an upcoming commercial project and would like to explore modular building. Where do I start?

The best time to think about modular building is early, when the design requirements can be worked in with the process. Start with a call to Prebuilt – we’ll be happy to discuss your project and how it could benefit from modular building.

I already have planning permission for my project, so the design is reasonably established. Can I still consider modular building?

Yes. Any building can be assessed for modular building. Please contact us to arrange an obligation-free conversation.

Will my design look like a modular building?

The look of a building is determined by the architect and the selection of external finishes. Our modular buildings look no different to a conventional build.

Will the building feel like a modular building?

Many people recall the bouncy floors and lack of thermal comfort in old portable temporary schoolrooms and associate this with all modular buildings. However, this does not need to be the case with good design. The feel of a building is a result of its design and construction methodology. All of our building elements are determined by the architect and structural designers to ensure your building is no different to a site-built structure. Our modular buildings comply with the NCC (National Construction Code) and the Building Code of Australia, and are subject to the same compliance requirements as a site-built structure

Is a modular building environmentally friendly?

Definitely! According to a report by Deloitte, which referenced findings from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), building and construction are responsible for up to 30% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. We run your build as a manufacturing process, so from the front end design, using BIM modelling, we’re able to order the exact amount of material required. This process greatly reduces waste. In addition, Prebuilt’s 40,000sqm facility provides an efficient work environment for all our trades. Our facility uses 100kWh PV panels which supply virtually all the power for our factory, head office and Tesla charging point.

My client wants to explore using modular as a building methodology. What’s the best way to start?

Early! We’re happy to engage with your design team on an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) basis to guide them through the particular requirements of using modular technology. This avoids reworking designs for modular requirements later in the process.

Are there any constraints on the design of modular buildings?

Not really. As “building blocks”, the methodology can be used to create any volume of the structure. There are some considerations for the spatial requirements for the structure of the modules. However, large open spans can be accommodated, and multiple level-height internal spaces can be achieved using Prebuilt’s engineering process.

Can I design some parts of the building to be modular and some for on-site construction?

Yes, designing a hybrid structure is possible, with some parts built in our factory and installed into a site-built structure. This is called DfMA, or Design for Manufacture and Assembly, and can be a very effective way to accelerate a program of works.

What services can I incorporate into a modular design?

All standard services can be accommodated in a modular build. It’s essential to consider services early in the design process to ensure an efficient build.

I have a tight site where in-situ building is going to be problematic. Is modular a solution for me?

Around 90% of our builds are completed in the Prebuilt facility. This means that the space required for site offices, amenities, trades, parking, materials and so on is significantly reduced.

I have a tight time frame to complete my project. Will modular work for me?

Yes, for two key reasons. Firstly, the build time is considerably reduced due to the efficiencies of building in our facility. Secondly, the site works such as excavation and footings can be completed while the building is being constructed in our facility.

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